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Moons.so: Tailored Use Case for Telegram Users

Moons.so, the crypto social network, is designed with Telegram users in mind, offering a unique and seamless experience within the familiar Telegram interface. Tailored specifically for Telegram users, Moons.so introduces a use case that leverages the strengths of the Telegram platform while bringing decentralized social interactions and crypto rewards to the forefront.

1. Integration with Telegram:

a. Familiar User Interface:

Moons.so seamlessly integrates with Telegram, utilizing the familiar and user-friendly interface of the messaging platform. This integration ensures that Telegram users can effortlessly navigate Moons.so, minimizing the learning curve and providing a comfortable user experience.

b. Miniapp Convenience:

The use of a Miniapp on Telegram ensures that users can access Moons.so directly within the Telegram application. This eliminates the need for separate installations or navigating to external websites, making engagement with Moons.so a natural extension of the Telegram experience.

2. Decentralized Discussions:

a. In-Chat Community Building:

Telegram users on Moons.so can actively participate in decentralized discussions within dedicated forums powered by smart contracts on the Ton Network blockchain. These forums enable users to engage in conversations, share insights, and build communities directly within the Telegram environment.

b. Seamless Content Sharing:

Moons.so allows Telegram users to seamlessly share content, participate in discussions, and collaborate within their communities. The platform's integration with Telegram enhances the sharing of multimedia content, links, and messages, creating a vibrant and dynamic social experience.

3. Join-to-Earn Concept:

a. Crypto Rewards for Participation:

Telegram users on Moons.so benefit from the Join-to-Earn concept, where simply joining and actively participating in the community-building process earns them crypto rewards. Whether it's through meaningful comments, content creation, or community initiatives, users are incentivized for their contributions.

b. Tokenomics Tailored for Telegram:

Moons.so introduces a tokenomics model specifically tailored for Telegram users, ensuring that crypto rewards seamlessly integrate into their social interactions. The platform's token distribution aligns with Telegram engagement metrics, creating a user-centric and rewarding ecosystem.

4. Secure and Private Engagement:

a. End-to-End Encryption:

Moons.so prioritizes the security and privacy of Telegram users by leveraging the end-to-end encryption capabilities of the Ton Network. User communications remain confidential and secure, providing a protected space for social interactions.

b. Trust in the Telegram Ecosystem:

As an extension of Telegram, Moons.so builds on the trust users already have in the Telegram ecosystem. Users can engage with confidence, knowing that the platform upholds the security and reliability standards synonymous with Telegram.

5. Exclusive Telegram Features:

a. Telegram Bot Integration:

Moons.so leverages Telegram Bot integration, allowing users to execute commands, handle messages, and seamlessly integrate features within the Telegram interface. This integration enhances the overall user experience and ensures a cohesive interaction between Moons.so and Telegram.

b. Real-Time Updates with Telegram Webhooks:

Moons.so employs Telegram Webhooks for real-time communication, ensuring users receive instant updates, notifications, and responses within their Telegram chats. This real-time aspect enhances user engagement and responsiveness.


Moons.so, tailored for Telegram users, brings the benefits of decentralized social networking and crypto rewards directly to the Telegram ecosystem. With seamless integration, exclusive features, and a user-centric approach, Moons.so enriches the Telegram experience, providing users with a secure, rewarding, and engaging crypto social network within the familiarity of their favorite messaging platform.

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